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Michigan State University

GPA 3.75

Map of East Lansing, MI

B.S. Computer Science & Engineering

Design Specialization

East Lansing, MI, USA
August 2011 - Present
Graduation: May 2015

Relevant Coursework

Computer Science

CSE 231  Introduction to Programming I  4.0
    Python, basic programming principles
CSE 232  Introduction to Programming II  4.0
    C++, programming principles
CSE 260  Discrete Structures in Computer Science  4.0
    Logic, proofs, counting, sets, probability
CSE 320  Computer Organization & Architechture  3.5
    Basic circuits, assembly language, C, SPARC processor
CSE 331  Data Structures & Algorithms  3.5
    Data structures, algorithms (go figure)
CSE 335  Software & Object-Oriented Design  4.0
    OO programming, software development, ethics
CSE 410  Operating Systems  3.5
    C, Linux, BSD Unix, Windows, Macintosh
CSE 472  Computer Graphics  4.0
    OpenGL, rendering, shading, color, animation
CSE 473  Fundamentals of 3D Game Development  4.0
    XNA, transformations, animation, skinning, collision
CSE 476  Mobile App Development  4.0
    Android environment, Android SDK
CSE 480  Databases  3.0
    MySQL, relational algebra, relational calculus
CSE 491  Database-Backed Web Development  4.0
    Python-backed web development, WSGI apps, GitHub, testing
CSE 498  Capstone  -.-
    Fall 2014

Self Study

To learn most of the skills I am interested in, I have to look outside of my formal education and dive into the less structured world of self study.